Angela Donava

Angela‘s name is well known on the French Riviera, which is also home to her international press agency and PR company DONA PR that is now more than 8 years old.

Angela, tell us why you have chosen the south of France.

It is a strategic location, because the area between Monaco and the south of France hosts major

events throughout the year, such as the Cannes Film Festival, Formula 1, ILTM Salon, the Tax Free Salon, and many more. All these large events attract the most interesting people on the planet, including celebrities, athletes, owners and representatives of companies that work in all fields. So why go anywhere else if I can meet with them on the French Riviera, in the southern sun by the Mediterranean Sea? I can fully assure you that meetings here go much better than those in a city with its hustle and bustle and traffic jams.

Please tell us more about your company.

Our agency works in two areas. The first one is press coverage in different countries, as well as media and, of course, Instagram. The latter is essential these days, and we offer press coverage through engaging celebrities from various creative fields and working extensively with influencers. We also do a lot of shoots, fashion projects, covers for glossy magazines, interviews, articles, etc. in different languages, including Russian, French, and English; in other words, anything that might be required for a client or an event. I work with my husband. His name is Gil Zetbase, and he is a professional photographer. Together, we create at least 20 glossy covers a year, in addition to many other projects.The second area of the agency’s operations is PR and everything related to the strategic development and promotion of a brand or a company and even PR for individuals. This includes the use of social networks, facilitating companies’ participation in the most important events, connecting clients to important people and product placement.

How do you select your clients?

It would be more accurate to say that we select each other, because by concluding a contract, we become almost like a family for a year or two; there are clients that we have been working with since the day we founded our agency. It’s very nice. In general, the ideal scenario is when we meet with a new client, spend some time with them so we can thoroughly understand the task, and then create a personalized communication strategy for their development and promotion.

Would you say that your agency has a specialization or a focus on a particular area?

Our agency works with diverse clients, including real estate agencies, companies that make cars, yachts, and energy drinks, as well as boutiques, fashion brands, and individuals looking for personal PR. Every time we work with a new client, we get inspired by a new profession. This is very interesting and dynamic. It also helps us broaden our horizons. And when we invite a number of our clients for an event, we have a large function where guests don’t compete, but rather perfectly complement one another.

Angela, have you thought about using your talents in another profession too?

Just a few days ago, I was in a car with my son, and he asked me if I wanted to change my profession a couple of years time. No, I don’t want to, I really love what I do, I don’t keep track of the time and can work even on weekends, because for me it is not work, but pleasure. This is especially true when I see positive results and excitement in my clients’ eyes.

What is your company’s motto? ‘The place to be!‘

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