Craig Ainsworth: The Journey from Royal Marine Commando to Virtuous Savage Mental Health Crusader

Relentless Interview

In the high-stakes world of international security, Craig Ainsworth stands out as a paragon of skill and resilience. A veteran Royal Marine Commando, elite bodyguard, and Interpol Associate, Craig’s life has been a thrilling tapestry of protecting the world’s most influential figures – from royalty to billionaires, high-profile officials, and celebrities like Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth, and Lady Gaga.

His exploits have taken him into the heart of danger, where he’s conducted close-quarter surveillance on some of the world’s most dangerous criminals and orchestrated the arrest of major mafiosos. Additionally, his expertise extended into the film industry, contributing significantly to the evolution of film security while working with giants like Warner Bros, Sony, and Netflix.

However, beneath the surface of this extraordinary career, Craig’s journey has also been one of profound personal transformation, particularly in the face of the global pandemic. When COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill, Craig, like many others, found himself isolated and confronting unexpected mental health challenges. The lockdown period was marred by a personal tragedy for Craig, as he lost 11 friends to suicide in just 16 months. This overwhelming grief and the burden of not being able to protect those closest to him pushed him to the brink of despair.

Yet, it was in this darkest hour that Craig’s indomitable spirit shone brightest. Drawing strength from his Royal Marine Commando brotherhood, he embarked on a path to recovery, turning his pain into a purpose-driven mission. Craig founded Virtuous Savage, a community committed to helping individuals conquer mental health struggles and realise their untapped potential. Through unique coaching, workshops, and retreats, Virtuous Savage aims to empower people to step out of their own way, re-energize their minds and bodies, and refocus their goals. The company’s philosophy is simple yet profound: dreams become reality for those brave enough to fight for them.

The embodiment of Craig’s mission and his personal journey is captured in his book, “The Discombobulated Alpha,” published in October 2023. Available on Amazon, the book serves as a testament to Craig’s dedication to inspiring others to conquer their struggles and emerge victorious. It encourages readers to become the superheroes of their own stories, breaking free from the shackles of their mental barriers and fears.

Craig’s story is one of duality – the elite protector and the compassionate healer. He has transitioned from safeguarding the physical safety of the world’s elite to nurturing the mental well-being of those battling internal adversaries. His approach is deeply rooted in his own experiences, lending authenticity and empathy to his work. Virtuous Savage is not just a venture but a beacon of hope for those lost in the labyrinth of their minds.

In “The Discombobulated Alpha,” Craig shares insights gleaned from his diverse experiences, offering a roadmap for resilience and self-empowerment. The book delves into the complexities of mental health, particularly among those who, like Craig, have faced high-pressure situations and extreme environments. It’s a guide that resonates not only with professionals in high-stakes fields but also with anyone seeking to overcome personal hurdles and achieve greatness in their lives.

Craig Ainsworth’s transformation from a decorated commando and elite bodyguard to a mental health advocate and inspirational author is more than just a career shift. It’s a profound evolution of a man who has seen the heights of professional success and the depths of personal despair and emerged with a renewed purpose. His life story is a reminder that even the strongest among us can struggle, but it is in acknowledging and overcoming these struggles that true strength is found.

Today, Craig’s impact extends far beyond the realms of security and surveillance. He’s a guiding light for those struggling in silence, a voice that resonates with experience, and a hand extended in solidarity. Through Virtuous Savage, he continues to touch lives, helping individuals reset and manifest their dreams, and in doing so, he redefines what it means to be a protector and a leader. Craig’s journey symbolises resilience, transformation, and the power of the human spirit to turn adversity into opportunity. His work through Virtuous Savage and the insights shared in “The Discombobulated Alpha” are invaluable contributions to the discourse on mental health and personal development. Craig’s story inspires us to face our battles with courage and emerge not just unscathed but empowered, embodying the essence of what he terms as ‘The Discombobulated Alpha.’

To prove to the world that anything is possible when you are brave enough to dedicate yourself completely, Craig will be rowing across the Atlantic unassisted this December as part of the Atlantic Assault team made up of veteran Royal Marines. To put it into perspective, more people have successfully climbed Everest than rowed the Atlantic.

So, if you are looking for inspiration, look no further. Please support Craig and his team via the sites and pages below. And never ever forget…

Dreams come true when you are brave enough to fight for them!


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