MOON DECLARED ART, curated by Carlo Donà dalle Rose & Elisa Egger 

From May, 12nd to June,18th 

Donà dalle Rose Palace will host works by 

the international artists 

Ezio Cicciarella, Luca Missoni and Rosa Mundi 

Vernissage, 12 of May 2023 – 5.30 PM 

Venice, May 2023 – The Donà dalle Rose Foundation – inspired by the most authentic principles of patronage and created with the aim of enhancing and promoting Italy’s artistic, historical, philosophical and musical heritage – within the context of the two artistic-cultural formats “The Doge Venice Carpet” and “Fondamenta Nove dell’arte” – presents the exhibition “ORBITING MOON”, with works by the international artists Ezio Cicciarella, Luca Missoni and Rosa Mundi. 

From May, 12nd to June, 18th 2023, the historic Donà dalle Rose Palace – simultaneously with the Venice Architecture Biennial – will host the most recent works realized by the contemporary artists Ezio Cicciarella, Luca Missoni and Rosa Mundi, in a tribute to the Moon among sculptures, photographs and paintings for an intimate and striking reflection on the “silver star”. 


Conceived and curated by Carlo Donà dalle Rose and Elisa Egger, the “ORBITING MOON” exhibition is a clear tribute to the Moon, the only natural satellite of the Earth, an undisputed symbol of regeneration, purity and fertility, pervaded by magic, and also an inspirational source for artists, scientists, philosophers, poets, men of letters and more. 

The exhibition, held on the ground floor of Donà dalle Rose Palace, opens the curtain on a incredible artistic production: the sculptures in pitch stone by Ezio Cicciarella, the photographs by Luca Missoni, the armillary spheres and the Belgian black marble sculptures by Rosa Mundi. 

Ezio Cicciarella’s works are dominated by an element very dear to the artist: the band which, in both a figurative and metaphorical sense, transmits not only sensations of tension and elasticity but also sensations of welcome and protection. The band, like the shadow of the earth, envelops the suspended oval simulating the last phase of the moon. 

These sculptures are counterbalanced by the photographs of Luca Missoni, passionate about photography, with a fascination he experienced from an early age for astronomy, until he focused in his late adolescence on studies and research having the Moon as the primary object. In this exhibition, Missoni retraces the different phases of the moon, documented through a meticulous and lyrical photographic work projecting the observer into dreamlike worlds. 

Equally dreamy are the armillary spheres by the artist Rosa Mundi who over the years has developed innovative techniques, creating multi-coloured artworks, from painting and photography up to stone sculpture. Rosa Mundi invites to linger on the armillary spheres, in marble, iron and wood, for a deep reflection on the human nature of the human nature and the Universe. 

“The exhibited works offer a multifaceted vision of the Moon: material in the Cicciarella’s production, photographic in the art of Missoni, metaphysics in the armillary spheres of Rosa Mundi” says Carlo Donà dalle Rose, “These are three different artistic perspectives – but still all focused on the lunar element and its mystery that surrounds it in the silence of the Universe”. 

“Going beyond the boundaries of the human visible is the main challenge that we have launched involving these three artists. ORBITING MOON proposes a path of performative installations looking beyond the knowable” claims Elisa Egger




Donà dalle Rose Palace 

Fondamente Nove, 5038, 30121 Venice 


11 – 5 PM 


12 of May, 5.30 PM 



+39 342 8538791 

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