L.RAPHAEL Genève inviting celebrities to Green Caviar Cruise for a stunning gala look at the 77th Cannes Film Festival

Darya Ekamasova (Anora movie, Palme d’Or),  Michelle Shapa, Nataly Osmann, Alejandro Nones, Vladislav Tsenev, Frederique Bel, Elena Tronina and other celebrities hosted by L.RAPHAEL

The French Riviera became again the world’s most glamourous newsmaker. 

L.RAPHAEL Genève, a Swiss visionary cosmetic brand, famous for its pioneering holistic Seven Foundations philosophy and revolutionary technologies, invited VIPs to its annual celebration of Beauty at the Cannes Film Festival.

Sabah Kaddouri et Ronit Raphael Red Carpet 19 Mai 2024 – photo Agence Festival de Cannes

This time the premiere took place onboard of a luxurious art-deco yacht. While sailing in the sea around the Palais de Festival, the guests were offered a unique experience before stepping on the red carpet. They discovered Green Caviar and enjoyed the new gala treatment at the exclusive private spa.

Frederique Bel-photo-Sylvie Castioni

For 13 years now, L.RAPHAEL Genève has upheld the tradition of launching ground-breaking scientific skincare products and treatments during the Cannes Film Festival. Behind the scene, year after year, savvy stars entrust themselves to L.RAPHAEL Genève for a stunning glow in front of the cameras. Immediate effects of youthful and radiant skin gifted by L.RAPHAEL Genève have been highly appreciated by many celebrities, most of them becoming faithful fans and friends of the reputable Swiss brand and, personally, of its creators. 

Ronit Raphael et Alejandro Nones – credit photo Sylvie Castioni

Among the guests of this year were actors Darya Ekamasova  (ANORA movie, awarded with Palme d’Or, Cannes Festival 2024),  Vadislav Tsenev (official Cannes Festival contest LIMONOV, BALLAD ABOUT EDDIE movie), Michelle Shapa (PALACE movie by Roman Polansky), Alejandro Nones, Elena Tronina, Frederique Bel,  TV presenter Sandrine Quetier, film director Elena Hazanov, Brendon Green,  pilot Laura Villars,  influencer Nataly Osmann, etc,

Madame Raphael, the Founder, was greeting herself the guests of this very private gathering together with Professor Paolo Giacomoni, Head of L.RAPHAEL’s R&D who presented the newest achievements in longevity and skin longevity. Those are largely based on the Seven Foundations approach started by L.RAPHAEL Genève 20 years ago implying such pillars of the longevity as sports, nutrition, sleeping, hormones and care of the skin, which is the biggest part of the body.

“The ultimate Red Carpet experience we present is in line with L.RAPHAEL’s vision currently focused on extending the immediate and long-lasting effectiveness of the top professional clinic procedures via at-home skin care. – comments Ronit Raphael – We are launching cellular repair products and treatments based on the Green Caviar that will be available to all clients of L.RAPHAEL right after the Festival”.

The luxurious scientific skincare and cutting-edge treatment, designed to lift, brighten, and smoothen the skin is made with the Green Caviar extract promising to deliver unparalleled results with a multitude of benefits. After having being pampered onboard with iconic L.RAPHAEL Oxy-technologies this time combined with the new Green Caviar Cellular Repair formulae specially developed by Prof. Giacomoni, the invitees received the new Green Caviar Cellular Repair products so that the deep effect obtained at the beauty clinic on board will be maintained the next days, in the privacy of their hotel room.

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