Invisible healing: an interview with the man who can harness our heartbeat.

There is a reason why thousands of women are grateful to composer James Zada, known enigmatically as ‘Llewellyn’, whose music is regularly chosen to accompany the most sensual, meaningful moments of our lives, to reach deep into our unconscious and heal through sound.

Search “Llewellyn” to discover heavenly music filled with wonder, magic, and relaxation. His latest album ‘The Very Best of Llewellyn’ is a collector’s edition double album of over two and a half hours of relaxing stress busting tracks and the physical CD version includes four original art cards that complement his extraordinary music. 

Thousands of women around the world have a night-time routine, inviting Llewellyn into their bedroom.

‘Reiki Sleep’ is a trusted favourite, but also check out his other albums ‘Sleep Gold’ and ‘Reiki Gold’ that all feature on his latest release. 

Over his incredible career, Llewellyn has worked with many renowned experts in their field to create music that benefits wellbeing. Meditation, Massage, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Colour Healing, Aromatherapy, Tantric Sex, Pilates, Celtic Lore, Angels, Faeries, Dreams, Crystal Children, Native American ideology, Chakra Healing, Spiritualism, and of course Sleep. 

In his music and paintings, Llewellyn often draws from nature and his beautiful surroundings in West Wales where he lives by the sea with dolphins and nature.

He truly is ‘The Relaxation Man’ (ww.relaxationman.com) as well as an artist and his paintings represent otherworldly landscapes (llewellynart.com).

We caught up in his home county of Ceredigion, Wales, where mountains meet the sky and the pace of life is slower than the city. It is immediately apparent that the landscape informs the composer’s creativity.

Could you tell us a little about your phenomenal achievements?

I have been lucky enough to have received several COVR awards which are basically the Oscar equivalent to the New Age industry.

I don’t kid myself that this is a privilege I can take for granted, not at all. I never stop working and striving for excellence and if people like it, that’s the best endorsement.

And more importantly, is it true that thousands of women sleep with you every night?

Yes, it is. I am obviously delighted to have been the first choice of so many women when they go to bed playing my album Sleep Gold.

The Sleep Gold album has had over 50 million streams. Does your own music help you to sleep?

I sleep well but not enough hours and usually only 4 hours a night! I work long hours into the morning recording and painting. The tempo of my relaxation music definitely influences and slows down my own heartbeat to enable me to drift off into a comfortable lovely sleep.

Your album Reiki Starlight won best healing album of the year and overall best album of the year. How do you respond to the concept of music as a healing force?

Music connects people. I am a very spiritual person, and I write music to support all kinds of complementary healing.

Can we discuss your celebration of tantric sexuality?

The Tantric Sexuality album has racked up over 10 million views on YouTube. I am so happy to be able to share this homage to human connection. My full-length album titled Free Love explores this theme more fully and includes the track A Beautiful Thing, which has proved so popular.

Despite your professional sobriquet and the obvious impact that these beautiful surroundings bring to your music, were you born in Wales?

I was raised in Hertfordshire, although our family tree goes right back to the last native Prince of Wales, Prince Llewellyn, and that inspired my recording name.

How do you begin in music?

I signed to a record company when I was 16 and recorded – The Wishing Tree – it was actually re-released recently by Cherry Red Records. I went on to be managed by David Stopps (Howard Jones’ manager) and I even played at The London Hippodrome and showcased for EMI and CBS.

But another career in music was looming in producing relaxing instrumental music!

It was! It was a totally organic process and I think that has informed my success because I’m not creating anything in homage to another genre.

My music originally started from chord progressions and patterns which many songwriters use as a starting base, but over time I began to feel restricted by these patterns and composition rules and started to write from pure feeling alone, trying to capture something magical in the studio. I used multiple sounds to create rich otherworldly soundscapes.

Being able to make a living from my music is wonderful and making a difference to others with my music through improving their wellness and wellbeing is an honour. I’ve had wonderful letters over the years from people saying how much the music has helped them…especially through dark times.

What is the highest point in your career?

Not THE highest but definitely up there, was having my music used in the sitcom Friends. I have contributed soundtracks to many famous TV shows, but Friends still makes me so proud.

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