Maison Minceur

The ‘Slimming House’ 

The art of wellness at the gates of Monaco, Paris and beyond

Since 2020, Maison Minceur, or ‘Slimming House’ has specialised in innovative slimming treatments in a confidential, soothing, and warm environment. Maison Minceur is more than a wellness salon; it’s a warm space, free from judgment, where everyone can talk freely about their needs while maintaining the highest levels of 

confidentiality. Nestled in the heart of prime locations, Maison Minceur cantres are located in Paris in the prestigious 16th Arrondissement, in Levallois-Perret and in Beausoleil, at the gates of Monaco, offering each of their client’s exceptional quality care in a luxury setting which is confidential, soothing and welcoming. 

Relentless magazine had the pleasure of calling in to visit this beautiful wellness centre, to meet the visionary founder, Megan Pomirski. 

Lovely to meet you Megan, Can you provide an overview of your 

exciting business, where it all began, and your approach to promoting well-being and slimming?

I created Maison Minceur, in Paris and Monaco, inspired by a concern for a holistic approach to healthy living, particularly focusing on physical activity and body care. Paris and Monaco are cities where the healthy lifestyle culture is very important, so it was the perfect place for such a venture and at the same time I wanted my clients to feel comfortable and at home in our salons. 

As I was a personal trainer, I was inspired to create a weight loss salon out of a desire to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals in a more comprehensive way. I always wondered how women who didn’t  have time to go to the gym or just didn’t like exercise, could take care of their bodies without using a scalpel! Creating a weight loss salon allows a trainer to offer a more comprehensive range of services to clients, which can contribute to better results in weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while focusing on enjoyment and a family atmosphere. 

A healthy lifestyle is extremely important, as it has a huge impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health. A healthy lifestyle can also contribute to a sense of well-being, increased energy, and improved quality of life on many levels. 

I want clients to feel like my friends in my salon, through which I can create a trusted sphere so that together we can create a special place for anyone who wants to take care of their health and well-being. 

We are the only centre like this on the border of Monaco. Back in 2020, we opened our first salon in Paris, “Maison” means home meaning a place where our clients will feel taken care of as if they were at home and where all their secrets stay between us. Maison, where people trust us and our natural approach to beauty. In our salon, we take care of the body both inside and out. We offer both body and facial massages, as well as work with machines such as Indiba and Vital Dome, which is a sauna and 100% French made. With us, you’ll get rid of pollutants, including heavy metals responsible for disease, while reducing stress and burning calories! In just a 45-minute session we can burn calories equivalent to a 2-hour cardio workout. We help both men and women to take care of their bodies, creating the idea that in a healthy body there’s a healthy spirit.

Monaco is known for its luxury and exclusivity. How does Maison Minceur differentiate itself in this competitive market?

We strive to reach each customer individually. Our salon works with high quality cosmetics and machines. We focus on the training of our team to provide value for you every day, on the way to your desired body. Discretion is the cornerstone of our business. Our salon is a hidden gem where we will take care of your body discreetly, without third party involvement. In addition, we are the only salon offering Indiba and Vital Dome machine treatments simultaneously. Within our offer you will also find sales of Indiba or Vital Dome devices for both salons and private homes. You can design and customise the Vital Dome 100% to your preferences (colours, size, design). We also pay attention to the care of our equipment and use only natural cosmetics, rich in probiotics, which we also offer for sale. Every day we are up to date with the latest news in our industry and select treatments that only offer the best outcome for our clients.

Could you describe some of the key areas you employ to personalise wellness and slimming programs for individual clients? How do you tailor services to meet diverse needs and goals?

We take an individual approach to each client. We pay attention to skin type, age, and what goals the client wants to achieve when working with us. Everybody is beautiful and we are here to bring out our individual beauty in a natural way. Our saunas include 35 different programs and are suitable for everyone. Our individual approach to clients allows us to provide saunas for different ages, including mothers with new-borns or elderly people. There is a place for everyone! 

In an industry where trends and techniques are constantly evolving, how do you stay ahead of the curve in terms of integrating the latest advancements in wellness and slimming practices into your services?

Most importantly it’s to keep developing. We cooperate with the manufacturers of our machines and take advantage of the individuality of our equipment on an ongoing basis. We want to go above and beyond for our clients and offer innovative, 100% natural, no-scalpel treatments that deliver amazing results!

Can you share your plans for this year and what are your goals for your brand?

We certainly want as many people as possible to get to know us and enter this amazing world of taking care of your body and in a natural way with us. Our Vital Dome rooms are also designed to take care of your mind. Take time for meditation and breathing exercises during your sauna session. Our sauna works on long-wave infrared, where we can get rid of up to 20% of the toxins from your body, unlike the traditional sauna, where only 2% of the toxins are expelled.

This holistic approach led me to open a salon and help us take care of our bodies in a natural and enjoyable way. We are experiencing steady growth and in the near future, we will share with you our new ideas!

Monaco attracts a diverse international clientele. How does Maison Minceur Monaco adapt its services and communication strategies to effectively cater to clients from different cultural backgrounds and preferences?

As I mentioned earlier, we try to work individually with each client. I am of Polish descent, and I know that my skin needs different treatments. This is what sets us apart, and as an international team, we understand our clients, because we ourselves come across different skins, bodies, people, and that’s the beautiful thing about it. Everyone in our salon will find a solution from their vast experience. 

Discover the Maison Minceur difference for yourself. Make an appointment today to begin your journey to a better version of yourself. We look forward to welcoming you to our institute.

Your beauty and well-being are our priority. At Maison Minceur, you are in good hands.

Our locations

31 Rue de la Tour, 75016, Paris, France.

87 Rue Victor Hugo, 92300 Levoillois-Perret, France.

33 Boulevard du Général Leclerc, 06240, Beausoleil, France.

Our contact information

06 20 56 49 95
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