Nathalie Descout Paris  

An exclusive interview with the French designer. By Angela Donava

Nathalie Descout Paris represents French know-how through her silk and lace dresses 100% made in France. Here is the summary of our meeting with Nathalie, currently preparing for the Cannes Film Festival.

What is your dream dress?

It is Grace Kelly’s wedding dress that inspired Kate Middleton’s more than 50 years later.

Lace or silk, what is your raw material?

I have always loved lace, especially Calais lace, which is why it is always in the spotlight in my collections. As for the silks, they naturally add value.

What do you think of the current trends? 

In particular the fashion changes after the Covid-19. I created the Nathalie Descout Paris brand 10 years ago with the aim of offering women quality dresses made in France. The goal is therefore to promote French know-how while remaining faithful to my environmental and human values. It was inconceivable for me to have my clothes made on the other side of the planet to have astronomical quantities, without even worrying about the Human aspect behind it.

Nathalie Descout Paris dresses have always been created with the aim of being passed on. I believe it’s a beautiful legacy to leave to your daughter, granddaughter or daughter-in-law. Unfortunately, it took a pandemic for the world to realize that fast fashion is behind us and that it is high time to consume mindfully, favoring quality over quantity.

 You have dressed many celebrities to climb the stairs. Is there a particular star you would like to see wearing your creation?

I would dream of dressing Virginie Effira. I think she is sublime, very elegant, very sensual, never vulgar. I also and above all like her personality and her fighting spirit.  I loved her performance in “Adieu les cons”.

What is the dress that can be worn in different ways? Tell us more about this concept.

I wanted to develop the Mix&Me collection while still respecting the values of our brand, i.e. prioritizing quality over quantity. I wanted to start with a small, easy-to-wear dress that could be transformed into a more sophisticated evening dress and finally into a ceremony or gala dress. The opposite idea also works, just as a woman can choose a dress for her civil wedding according to her desires, which will become a simpler dress for her daughter’s baptism after the event. The dresses have interchangeable pieces that can be purchased separately to personalize them and change them according to the color of the upcoming event, for instance. No more buying, just customizing!

Where do you find your inspiration?

I draw a lot of inspiration from my travels. Besides, I realized it all the more during this pandemic period, because it took me longer to design the new collection because of this lockdown that lasted so many months. I missed a lot of inspiration. Elegance and refinement are still my greatest inspiration. I always have in mind my favorite designers such as Alaïa or Elie Saab.

What is your project for the Cannes Film Festival?

I am currently in the process of preparing dresses for the Red Carpet. I will  also participate in a fashion show during Monaco Fashion Week in the gallery of the famous artist Laurence JENK. I love her art and can‘t wait to do this project with her.

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