With summer holidays to exotic overseas destinations booked and visions of sunny beaches and poolside relaxation on our minds, many of us now feel the urgency to shed those extra pounds to slip into our swimsuits confidently.

Just in time for these anticipated getaways,  The Harley Street Skin Clinic is unveiling its Summer Weight Shift Programme – a swift and effective alternative to conventional exercise and dieting methods, designed to help people safely achieve their weight loss goals quickly and efficiently.

Following a consultation with a doctor to determine suitability for the programme, participants will embark on a transformative weight loss journey tailored to their unique needs. At the core of the programme are six private GP sessions, where progress is monitored to ensure that clients stay on the right track, making adjustments to the plan as needed.

In addition to medical support, the comprehensive programme includes a personalised eating and exercise regimen. Nutritionists, working closely with clients, will design a sustainable and enjoyable eating plan to suit individual lifestyles and preferences. To support health and wellness throughout the weight loss journey, the programme also includes essential vitamin supplements, ensuring that clients maintain their health while working towards their weight loss goals.

Exercise complements the dietary and medical components of the programme, enhancing overall results. An easy-to-follow exercise plan is provided, designed to fit into busy schedules and keep clients active and motivated.

The programme also features a 6-month course of Ozempic, a highly effective medication that helps manage weight by curbing appetite and improving blood sugar control. Ozempic has been shown to significantly aid in weight loss, making it an excellent component of the Summer Weight Shift Programme.

Furthermore, the award-winning Harley Street Skin, renowned for its aesthetic procedures such as BodyTite for surgical fat removal, Polynucleotides for dark circle correction, and Blepharoplasty for eyelid rejuvenation, offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the programme does not deliver the promised results.

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