Paris Fashion Week, could it be more glamorous?

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With Corinna Nebgen von Klitzing We are in the fashion month and in Paris. Could it be more glamorous? Fashion and luxury insider and founder of Deluxe Dynasty, Corinna Nebgen von Klitzing is asking. She recently visited Paris, this amazing city, during the exciting fashion week. Corinna is a frequent traveller to the most amazing […]


” Couture unfolds ” Emotion : “Float. Into the blue. Skim. The Mist. Row.” Peet Dullaert.  With Cris Egger  What is beauty, the question that is the bane of our industry’s existence, cannot be addressed with only the presentation of the end product on the runway. I want to deconstruct the set norms of couture […]

Paris Fashion Week ‘Alwaysupportalent’

Paris Fashion Week

#alwaysupportalent founded in 2017, has the purpose to present and support the new Talents in the Fashion Industry; designers, photographers, make up artists, bloggers and stylists through fashion events, editorials, with a focus on a special talent and an on-line shop with a very select choice of new and unseen products. About The Event during […]