The Metamorphosis of Art: Sossio’s Textile Creations Debut at Pitti Uomo 

On June 11, 2024, the illustrious halls of Palazzo Rosselli del Turco, home to the European School of Economics in Florence, became the canvas for Sossio’s latest artistic venture. In a captivating event orchestrated by Aria Art Gallery in collaboration with Cristina Egger, the artist unveiled a mesmerizing collection of textile creations. This event, aligned with the prestigious Pitti Uomo 2024, drew the attention of fashion and art connoisseurs .

Sossio’s works delve into the dynamic metamorphosis of the inner world, inviting viewers on a therapeutic journey through the “Dream.” This process of transforming reality into a realm of solutions reflects the essence of ‘Self Transformism,’ a movement founded by Elio D’Anna. As a prominent figure in this movement, Sossio’s art transcends mere object creation, aiming instead at self-discovery through the creative act.

‘Self Transformism’ champions the restoration of individuals to their original roles as creators, capable of altering the world by transforming themselves. It posits that reality is but a projection of an invisible world of ideas and values. This movement embraces all forms of human creativity, from painting to technology, expanding the horizons of artistic expression and facilitating discoveries that bring humanity closer to its essence.

Sossio’s artistic journey, beginning in Naples under painters like Domenico Spinosa, led him to Tuscany in the 1980s where he delved into ‘Self Transformism’ with Elio D’Anna. His work has since been showcased in prestigious galleries across London, Istanbul, and Florence.

At Pitti Uomo 2024, Sossio’s evolving artistry was on full display, offering new insights into personal and artistic transformation. The event, attended by Vogue editor Suzy Menkes, highlighted the deep resonance of his work with the human spirit.

Special DJ set was performed by Italian actor and influencer Alessandro Egger .

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