The Yacht Artist

Jess Douglas

In the tranquil coastal town of Lyme Regis, nestled in the idyllic southwest of England, talented artist Jess Douglas, accompanied by her husband, Eddie, live aboard their sailing boat. 

Their bold decision to shed all possessions and embrace a life at sea signals the dawn of a remarkable journey—one that will soon see them charting a course southward toward the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean to start a new chapter in their lives. Relentless Magazine chronicles this extraordinary adventure, capturing Jess’s unwavering spirit as she prepares to embark on a new chapter brimming with new opportunities.

Jess’s creative journey traces back to her days studying Illustration at the prestigious University of Plymouth, where she honed her artistic talents and discovered her profound connection to the sea. Raised in a family with a deep affinity for maritime life, her childhood memories are steeped in the romance of her parents’ sailing days across the Mediterranean—a legacy that would shape her destiny in unforeseen ways. Venturing into the realm of commercial fishing, Jess embraced the challenges head-on, earning her stripes as a valued crew member and acquiring her coveted powerboat instructor’s certification. Undeterred by the daunting prospect of breaking into the male-dominated domain of super yachting, she dared to defy convention and carve out her own path amidst the waves.

Despite her initial foray into the yachting world, life’s twists and turns led Jess back to familiar shores, where she found solace in the tranquil rhythms of the sea and the timeless allure of her artistic calling. It was a chance encounter with a local fisherman that reignited her dormant passion, as she seized the opportunity to capture the essence of his newly built trawler on canvas—a pivotal moment that would set her on a trajectory towards newfound success.

With a stroke of foresight, Jess’s artistry found its wings on social media, as word of her talent spread like wildfire, igniting a wave of commissions from clients eager to immortalise their beloved vessels on her unique canvas of choice: nautical charts. From humble beginnings to painting some of the most illustrious Superyachts in the industry, Jess’s journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and unwavering passion.

Each meticulously hand-painted masterpiece serves as a testament to Jess’s craftsmanship and dedication, ensuring that no two artworks are alike—a cherished reminder of the fleeting beauty and timeless allure of life at sea. With a simple yet profound philosophy, she invites clients to embark on a journey of collaboration, where each brushstroke becomes a vessel for storytelling and nostalgia.

As Jess looks towards the horizon, her sails unfurled and her spirit buoyed by the promise of adventure, she remains steadfast in her commitment to delivering unparalleled artistry and bespoke creations that capture the essence of maritime splendour. With every stroke of her brush, she invites fellow adventurers to join her on a voyage of discovery—one where the canvas becomes a portal to a world of endless possibility and boundless imagination.

Instagram: @theyachtartist

Facebook: @jessdouglassart


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