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Carolien ter Linden talks with the male winner of ‘Wishing on a Star’ on RTL4 & Videoland

Meet an ambitious, social and open personality. My name is Thijn Flesch, 19 years young and living in Veldhoven. In daily life I can be found at Eindhoven Airport working as a Flight Officer, but in my spare time I can mostly be seen in the gym. In addition, from next year I can also be found at university studying psychology.

Why did you sign up for this program?

Nice question, because for me it was different. I was scouted. This happened during a shoot where a scout (a team member of Carolien ter Linden) came to me and told me about the program ‘Wishing on a Star‘. Later the producer and presenter Carolien ter Linden contacted me and invited me to come to the big casting day.

How does it feel to be on the most famous channel in the Netherlands and what were the reactions?

In one word; fantastic! It had always been a bucket list item for me to appear on television and to appear on the most famous channel in the Netherlands is actually too good to be true. I got a lot of kind reactions from the people around me. Therefore I would like to make a sequel on national and in the future, international television.

How do you look back at the period of filming? And what were the highlights for you?

I look back with a big smile on an instructive and above all pleasant period. I enjoyed every shoot and there was also a pleasant atmosphere around the shoots. And of course there were also some highlights for me, such as the final trip to Egypt! In this final trip I was able to see many beautiful parts of the country, topping off with the temples and the beach with clear blue water. In addition, for me the trip could not go wrong after I won the title ‘Winner Wishing on a Star 2022!‘

Did you also feel tension, was there competition during the shoots?

Ha ha sure, it is and always will be a competition. So of course every model has their own talents and you never know what the judges see as ‘the ideal picture‘ of a winner. But the program was looking for an all-round model who best fitted all aspects of modeling and I‘m glad I was chosen as the winner for this!

What did you get out of it and what did it bring you?

I was able to take away very nice things from the program, the beautiful trip to Egypt and the ‘gold star award!‘ In addition, I was also able to receive many great prizes from winning, topping it off with a 2 person all-in trip to Curaçao with Corendon, and a role as actor in the latest short film produced by YadMedia, partner of Carolien ter Linden Productions.

What are your dreams and how do you see yourself in ten years?

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to stand on a giant billboard for a major brand. But I especially hope that in 10 years I can look back at myself with the thought that I have been able to make great strides in the modeling and television world.

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