Victoria Silvstedt

In an exclusive interview with James W Phillips, Victoria opens up about her life in Monaco, her business interests and her love for travel. Victoria wears: Kimono La Collection Vita @lacollectionvita Photography by Gil Zetbase.

On a bright, sunny spring day in Monte Carlo, we gathered in the sumptuous surroundings of the suite at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort to await the arrival of one of the most recognisable figures on the Cote d‘Azur. International model, business woman and TV personality Victoria Silvstedt. Anticipation was high, for Victoria is an incredible woman, an icon who is driven, ambitious, successful and kind. 

For someone who has achieved so much in life to suddenly appear in the same room as you is an unbelievable feeling, not just for me but for those around me and for Relentless Magazine. The wardrobe changes arrived from exclusive local boutiques including shoes from Jimmy Choo, hair and makeup, Victoria‘s stylist and PR, photographers, and then suddenly excited noises came from the lobby in the suite, Victoria had arrived in a whirlwind, speaking in French and all eyes were upon her, including mine. What a fantastic moment in time. During the course of the day our highly renowned photographer Gil Zitbase captured some beautiful moments of Victoria, and those moments shaped the questions I asked her that special Spring day in Monte Carlo. 

JWP: You have achieved so much in your life so far Victoria, what goals or ambitions have you yet to achieve?

VS: The goals and my ambitions I have yet to achieve are to continue to support charities close to my heart and to also keep working on my brand and products. I’m a partner in an all-vegan makeup foundation line called “Base of Sweden” and a Prosecco in my name, a candle in my name coming out with Kierin, and I also have my own NFT on a platform called Mintted.

JWP: When you wake in the morning, what motivates you the most? 

VS. My motivation in the morning is always to be productive. I check the stock market to see what to buy and sell. I’m invested in a lot of equities, bonds and commodities. I’m always happy when I wake up and the sun is shining, the advantages of living in Monaco! I’m always in a good positive mood here. I love to go for hikes or do Pilates to stay mentally and physically fit and eat bio-foods. 

JWP: Out of all the people you have met in your exciting life so far, who have you been inspired by and why? 

VS: I’ve been inspired by meeting top leaders in the Business world, I once met Warren Buffet at the Sun Valley Conference. Bill Clinton at a charity event and recently Jared and Ivanka Trump/Kushner at a private party. I’m really inspired by the Dalai Lama. I was an associate producer for his documentary that premiered in Venice at the film festival last year.

JWP: What do you enjoy the most in your day? Is it the simple things that bring the most pleasure for you?

VS: What I enjoy the most is the feeling after a good workout and going for a delicious lunch with friends and talking to my mom on the phone as we are very close. 

JWP: What events are you looking forward to the most this year?  

VS: I always look forward to the ATP tennis final weekend and the Grand Prix of course. This year I’m involved in hosting the Monaco Streaming Film Festival Awards and I will also attend the water bike challenge to support the Princess Charlene Foundation.

JWP: You have become and icon of Monaco, what do you love most about living in this beautiful location?  

VS: I love living in Monaco for the amazing weather, good food, the service and security, and the location is close to all my favourite places.

JWP: Your style and fashion sense is incredible, what do you love the most about fashion and who are your favourite designers? 

VS: I love so many designers, for the red carpet gala couture I love Ellie Saab and Versace and up-and-coming designers. I love accessories by Chanel, LV, Dior, Hermes and cool outfits by Balmain. I’m currently producing a capsule collection with Marli Dresses for beach kaftan bodies and skirts, perfect now for the spring and summer!

JWP: What’s your biggest worry or fear, what keeps you awake at night and how did you find living through the pandemic? 

VS: I’m no longer so worried about the pandemic, but I’m seriously worried about this horrific unnecessary war. It’s disgusting and sometimes I can’t sleep at night. I know someone who lost her whole family. 

JWP: When you have a day off from your busy schedule, how do you like to relax? Do you lounge in a Onesie and eat pizza or do you stay strictly regimented? 

VS: I love to relax and go for pizza in sneakers and chill in my sweats and have a massage that’s a perfect Sunday for me!

JWP: You travel a lot, other than Monaco, where’s your favourite places to visit? 

VS: I also have an apartment in NY and in Miami so the winter I spend lots of time in the US or in St Bart’s my favourite island in the world. Summer-time I also visit family in Sweden.

JWP: And lastly, when you were growing up did you ever dream that your life would be so incredible? 

I never imagined I would have this journey. I’m writing a biography now and it’s fun to go through my life and career. From a little village in Sweden, from the junior ski team to beauty pageants to modelling, TV presenter, actress, reality show for E! Channel to singer with a gold single to a business woman trading the market. I Love to try new things and still have lots of energy thank God! I’m producing another documentary to support women in depressed countries that will premier in Venice at the film festival with actress Cate Blanchett. I keep dreaming of a beautiful world. 

And just like that, she was gone, for a business appointment and another magazine shoot. Meeting Victoria and getting to know her better was an absolute privilege, and revealing, for Victoria is not just a beautiful face, she‘s a successful business woman in charge of her own destiny and decision making. Having the determination and supreme self-belief to go after your goals and dreams every day is a job in itself, and that is the true mark of success. It‘s not all about money, it‘s about your acceptance from others, your circle, how people gravitate to you and believe in you and have you as their inspiration to get through their daily lives, and therefore making other people’s lives better just by being who you were destined to be. Victoria has embraced all of these qualities and exudes star quality and appeal to millions around the world. 

This interview and photoshoot were only possible due to the friendship and collaboration by the following talented team: 

Model Victoria Silvstedt @victoriasilvstedt 

Photographer Gil Zetbase @gilzetbase 

Producer Angela Donava @angeladonava 

Assistant Fvermee @fvermee 

MUA JM Manangan Ronquillo @jm_honeyz 

Hair @dinistile 

Location @montecarlobay Suite Eleven

Editor James W Phillips @james_w_phillips

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