“Molinos de Viento”

The international fashion designer Carolina Guna presents her new Couture Collection.

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The renowned international fashion designer, Carolina Guna, proudly unveils her latest Couture Collection, “Molinos de Viento.” This exquisite collection infuses flamenco elements with a touch of Payes, resulting in a harmonious fusion inspired by the traditions of both Ibiza and Granada. While these lands may differ, their similarities in customs and traditions have greatly influenced Carolina Guna’s artistic vision, thanks in part to the Valencian daughter of Bullfighters, Nuria Moreno, whose presence has been a tremendous source of inspiration for this collection.

“Molinos de Viento” boasts flamenco notes and an asymmetric character, skilfully blending flashes of night and day. The collection stands out with the skilful use of accessories, such as hats and roses, enhancing the overall allure of the pieces. The name itself, “Molinos de Viento,” evokes the essence of a windmill, a structure that converts energy received into tangible power. The collection masterfully merges the wind energy of the Payes and Andalusian traditions, symbolizing the potential of dreams transforming into reality.

“The wind, with its transportive power, invites us to imagine ourselves in distant realms, as if living in a fairy tale. The windmill, in turn, materializes these dreams, transforming the intangible into the tangible, and uniting two seemingly disparate lands along a path towards fulfilling our aspirations. In doing so, it imparts valuable lessons about preserving our roots, cherishing our companions, embracing determination, and relentlessly pursuing our dreams.”

“Molinos de Viento” made its spectacular debut during the 76th Cannes Film Festival on May 26th, captivating audiences at the prestigious Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund Grand Gala organized by Richard Nilsson at Super Cannes. The collection also graced the stage of Ibiza on June 21st at the emblematic Wikiwo by NM Event Ibiza, where various brands showcased their summer trends.

Following its dazzling presentations in France and Ibiza, “Molinos de Viento” has earned two nominations at the Fashion and Art Awards in the United States for Best Collection and Best Designer. Carolina Guna has undeniably become a Cannes Film Festival legend since her debut in 2011. Her illustrious trajectory shines through in her exquisite and asymmetrical works, perfect for the red carpet. Her clientele from around the world adores her distinctive and exclusive pieces, each meticulously crafted with love for detail and craftsmanship, imbuing her brand with a unique and traditional essence. Carolina Guna’s designs empower women to embrace their elegance and sensuality, celebrating their unique identities.

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