“Elegance in clothing means, above all, freedom of movement”




“Elegance in clothing means, above all, freedom of movement” – Coco Chanel

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“Elegance in dress means, above all, freedom of movement” – Coco Chanel

The basis for this article will be an astrological study of personality and how much of that potential is laid down from birth and has been unlocked in life.

My introduction will be about the woman who changed the fashion world once and for all – the legendary Coco Chanel.

Gabrielle Boner Chanel was born on the 19th of August 1883. In numerology 19 symbolises the Sun, which charmingly shines on others, but from excessive effort and workaholism can burn itself from the inside. Her birth month symbolises strength and justice. She knew that most of her relatives only wanted money from her and the successful couturier would give it to them without a question, this is how she bought off her flattering insincerity. The year of her birth suggests a ‘terrible judgement’ to which she succumbed more than once for her association with the Nazis.

It is believed that her friendship with Churchill at one time helped her to whitewash her biography and the fact of connection with Germany during World War II.

But in the karmic task of the fashionista, according to the method “Architepic Portrait of the Personality” lies Hierophant, which equates to tradition and marriage.

Coco Chanel never fulfilled this task, as none of her exciting love affairs were crowned with marriage.

Chanel was born in the town of Samre in western France. She was the second child of five children. The position of her Moon from birth in the third house suggests an emotional relationship with her siblings, her immediate environment. The family was very poor. Her mother took any job, her father abused alcohol. When Gabrielle was 12 years old her mother died and her father ran away, giving the children to an orphanage. Chanel was often embarrassed by her past and her imagination invented additional attractive biographical facts. This is evidenced by the astrological aspect – Mercury in conjunction with Proserpine and Uranus, which gives a thinking systematic, clear, but capable of giving out unorthodox ideas and a vigorous imagination. Her new style changed the course of fashion of the times.

It was at the orphanage that Gabrielle learnt sewing skills and made a firm decision to become rich and famous.

At the age of 18, she began working as a sales assistant in a fashion shop, and in her spare time, she spent her time in cabarets where she sang and danced. It was there that she was given the nickname Coco for her famous song Ko Ko Ko Ri Ko.

Sun and Venus in Leo – she sang on stage early in her career, she loved attention, entertainment, and the glamorous life that fate gave her. Her partners were also always from high society.

One day in a cabaret, a rich retired cavalry officer Etienne Bolsan drew her attention and offered to move to his estate. The girl agreed, but in the future her desire to become a modiste would make him laugh, because the competition in Paris was high, and Coco had no experience in this case. Soon she had an affair with an industrialist from England, Arthur Capel, who had among friends the nickname Boy. The most searing love story of Madumazel Chanel. He helped her to open a hat shop in Paris, which abruptly changed her life. A year later, the small boutique moved to the centre of the capital on the grounds of the famous Ritz Hotel.

Aspect Mars in Gemini shows that Gabrielle is easy-going, sociable, active and communicative. Sales skyrocketed. Her hats were worn by the greatest fashionistas of the capital and wives of successful businessmen. Her biography shows that she could agree with any person.

Nevertheless, success only spurred the couturier to new solutions. Many things did not suit her in the then fashion. She freed women’s hands from carrying handbags, hung them on chains. Puffy skirts and ruffles replaced by strict clear lines. She introduced short haircuts for women. Gave women the opportunity to wear trousers, the convenience of which she realised on the estate, doing equestrian sports. Coco was a great woman and learnt a lot from her lovers. Trousers, low-heeled shoes are all innovations of the great Coco Chanel.

The aspect of Jupiter in Cancer bisecting Neptune and Uranus speaks precisely of her innovation, boldness, ability to keep up with the times, but to go beyond conventional boundaries. It was wealthy women who were her main clients and visitors to her shows. Thanks to her unusual thinking, ideas and views, she found financial stability and growth through creativity in the second half of her career.

In 1919 Arthur Capel died in a car crash and Coco Chanel dressed in black. All her female fans did the same. One publication put Chanel’s black dress on a par with a Ford car. This colour to this day remains a symbol of a true Frenchwoman. Not only love, but also traumas shaped the great Madumazel.

Her biography is an example of the talent to take risks and take the plus side out of the heaviest defeat. Collaboration with perfumer Ernest Beaux gave her a new direction in perfumery. Chanel chose the number 5 bottle, as she named her legendary perfume – a symbol of classicism and elegance to this day.

World War II destroyed her business and her nephew was taken prisoner. She turned to Baron Hans Gunther Dinklage for help. Subsequently, 56-year-old Chanel became the chosen one of the aforementioned. According to some sources, it is believed that Chanel was officially listed in the German intelligence. Gabrielle Chanel was arrested. In 1944, at Churchill’s will, she was released. He was a frequent guest at her villa on the Côte d’Azur. The condition for her freedom was to leave France, and she went to Switzerland.

At the age of 71, Coco Chanel returned to the world of fashion. Her audacity always said exactly one thing: “It’s never too late!”

On 10 January 1971, Coco Chanel died of a heart attack at the age of 87 in a suite at the Ritz Hotel across the street from the luxurious Chanel fashion house.

Be yourself and take risks! Nature has put something special in everyone waiting to be discovered, breakthrough and furore!

Your relationship specialist astrological expertise, 

Iryna Kutsenko 



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