Have you ever noticed that the most dazzling people often burn out quickly? Their Sun, not only gives light to everyone around them, but burns them from the inside out. For me, one of the most enchanting and incendiary stars lit in the California sky, under which I personally spent 18 unforgettable months, is the inimitable Whitney Houston. 

Humble and passionate, free and religious, charismatic, living in her own world and by her own rules. She behaved so freely on stage and was equally at home in a tracksuit on the couch or in a ball gown on the stage. 

Nippy (one of her pseudonyms) was born in New Jersey on August 9, 1963. Hidden in her date of birth is the symbol Hermit, maybe that was her mature ‘Soul’ and her ability to maintain the privacy from the world, which she tried carefully to hide from the scrutiny of the press, despite the public nature of her personality. Whitney left home quite early and lived for a time with her girlfriend, which according to third-party comments was not always to the liking of her family members. 

The month of the ‘Voice’s’ birth indicates strength and moments of justice haunting her life. The singer is known to have even had legal battles with her own father, who was once her manager, but she defended her truth and righteousness. 

The year of her birth symbolizes the sun in the archetypal portrait, which indicates her natural need to give warmth to people, but also overwork and excessive desire to make everyone around her happy. Her ‘Natal Sun’ is in conjunction with the beautiful Venus in Leo, an indication of a bright person with a unique charisma. A love of honour and fame is not excluded here however. Her resplendent appearance captivated the hearts of her admirers. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, ‘The Voice,’ as she was called, was the artist with the most awards. 

Her Moon is manifested in Aries and the sun forms an opposition to Saturn – such an aspect may have provoked a difficult relationship with her parents. Nippy’s mother was a well-known figure in the world of music, which required a great deal of involvement, and it was this burning fire which had been passed on from her mother, and her desire for thoroughness and the ability to move forward. 

The Moon has a hard aspect with Mars, which may have given her difficulties in her relationships with men. The world is full of facts and rumours about the emotional union of Nippy and Bobby Brown, which through addictions, disagreements, lawsuits and the active rejection of their union by society ended tragically. This love gave the world a sequel to Whitney in the form of her daughter, born March 4, 1993, but her life’s journey was cut short after her mother passed away. 

Mars in Libra could precisely provoke litigation, if it was not worked out karmically and positively in a quality orientation to a strong bright partner and full interaction with him. It is hard to say how truly happy Whitney’s creative nature was in her personal life, but her superstar status was cemented in 1992 after the world was presented with the most beautiful love story, in the movie “The Bodyguard.”

The North Node in Cancer speaks to her karmic task – it was important to build a family, family values and priorities. Belle both on screen and in life was striving for feminine happiness. Her beautiful soul and body were worthy of the highest degree of love, which she had received from an enthusiastic audience as a child, standing on the stage of a Baptist church without limits. 

Whitney never seemed to change. Her effortless movements and wide smile… that’s something we’ll always remember about her.

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