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Iryna K, author of ‘Stars about Stars,’ tells us more about one of the most famous pop stars in our recent history.

This morning I left Los Angeles after a year and a half. A city that captivated me with its beauty and its bubble that’s the ”American dream’, with the desire to be a truly happy woman which captivates me much more, so I‘m flying arm in arm with my beloved to Florida, a place full of tranquility, endless greenery and Iguanas.

I love people-watching at airports or at a table in street cafes, when crowds of completely different people pass by.

In LA you won’t meet two people with the same hairstyle or attire. Their bright socks, or flip flops, hint that they could be a Hollywood producer. Countless piercings and a leather jacket give clues that the girl at the bar is probably a singer or a rock star. And the guy with purple hair is probably an influencer, fashion model or actor.

The world is so caught up in chasing modern glossy trends that everyone wants to be like someone else; to have shoes like Sarah Jessica Parker, a butt like a Kardashian, or face angles like Angelina Jolie.

But LA is like a separate planet, over-populated by those who are in love only with themselves and who want to be like only themselves. I don‘t actually know what’s better. And I wondered, ‘Why do people remake themselves?’ Or this unbridled desire for a non-existent ideal, is it part of themselves or their success?

Take the story of the completely unique Michael Jackson. This talented boy was born on August 29, 1958 in Indiana, but his life was cut short in California, which shot many a Hollywood star into the sky. His birthday has the symbol of the Chariot, which gives speed of movement, as evidenced by his outstanding dances and at least a one-time change of residence or many moves through touring for events and concerts. The month number gives nuances with the law, a sense of justice, the need to prove one‘s truth like many media personalities sometimes do – the reverse side of the medal of popularity. But the year in total gives the Unit, which speaks of literally magical opportunities to take on people and be a leader.

His Ascendant (Rising sign of the horoscope) is in Pisces, which characterizes him as a creative person, perhaps even initially shy, emotional and soft. But it’s true, the genius was hiding behind glasses, and had a constant desire to change his appearance. The water-Neptunian aspect carries an additional magical attraction and intrigue, as it was in life.

The Sun in conjunction with Pluto in his astrological birth chart indicates two aspects, probably a strict upbringing, which gave many transformations and a desire to attract the attention of masses of people. The second is true without a doubt, and his father welcomed such strict discipline and he used force when faced with disobedience. The upbringing of nine children (Michael was the seventh in a row) was sustained, according to religious canons.

The position of his moon in Pisces points to his religious mother, after whom he alone was baptized. Also, this aspect indicates a melodic ear – he had music in his life since childhood. He grew up in a musical atmosphere and was a member of a band. And who could forget his ‘Moonwalk?’ That‘s the direct influence of the moon.

A square with Saturn provokes a difficult childhood. Of course, not without anxiety in a large family, plus the dream gave self-discipline.

Jackson grew up spending a lot of time in the studio, rehearsing and on stage, with little opportunity to go outside and play with the other kids in the park.

Venus in conjunction with Uranus initiates non-standard partnerships, or meetings with unusual partners.

The aspect of Venus square Mars even indicates difficult positions with partners, disagreements, disputes and strife. Of course, the personal lives of stellar personalities are often distorted by facts and made public.

The general position and aspects of Venus give a relentless pursuit of beauty and skin issues possibly from allergies to surgeries that the musical and dancing genius was passionate about.

The desire to change oneself, in the case of legendary Michael Jackson, changed the world of music, and the stage industry forever, but the question remains open, by dramatically changing yourself – is it getting better or betraying your true nature? What do you think readers?

In conclusion, I note that standing behind the scenes as a child, Michael gained stage experience,  and he carefully watched the stars, because he wanted to learn everything he could from them. He gazed at their feet, watching them hold their hands and how to grab the mic, trying to figure out why and why they do and the way they do it. 

By the end, the unique Jackson did it his way. And why shouldn‘t we follow his example, we must learn from many, but do what we are meant to in our own way, as Sinatra sings: ‘ I did it my way!’


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