Iryna Kutsenko Meets Tushar Sabale

Iryna Kutsenko from CHI-LI LIFE recently interviewed the artist, Tushar Sabale from London. A contemporary artist who paints with oil in a really special way.

Photography: Anthony @xanthonyyg

Let’s dive into astrology and explore its connection to your creative journey. Your birth chart is a glimpse into your potential, but how you manifest that potential is up to you. Born on February 20th, 1979, your date of birth suggests borders expansion, which may have influenced your artistic perspective on the world.

Your artistic inclinations have been present since childhood, with painting being a passion that has accompanied you throughout your life. From a young age, you entered your first international painting competition, and since then, your artistic career has been steadily progressing.

In 2011, your artwork was exhibited in Russia, even though you personally did not have the opportunity to visit. This experience provided a taste of the limelight and fueled your passion for creating art.

Astrologically speaking, your birth chart indicates that you naturally take care of others. While you are an artist at heart, you also find fulfillment in nurturing and being a guardian, particularly to your children.

Pictured and photography by: Tushar Sabale while painting a portrait of Thierry Macquet

Life has brought both joyful and challenging moments, each contributing to your artistic evolution. Painful experiences have inspired profound works of art, while personal transformations have shaped your signature painting style.

In 2006, a move to London marked a significant turning point in your life. Leaving behind your birth home in India, you embraced a new professional and personal chapter in the vibrant city of London. This transition further solidified your passion for art and creativity.

As an artist, intuition plays a vital role in your work. When you are in the creative zone, you enter a different mindset, guided by inspiration rather than practicality. The energy and emotional connection you establish with your audience are central to your artistic process.

Over the years, you have experienced ups and downs, including moments of financial deceit and personal challenges. However, these experiences have fortified your determination and provided valuable life lessons.

Portrait of Princess Olga Romanoff

Your journey as an artist has been punctuated by transformative periods, personal growth, and the unwavering pursuit of your passion. Whether it was making a conscious decision to dedicate yourself to art or finding inspiration in unexpected places, you have navigated the artistic landscape with resilience and a desire to constantly learn and improve.

Your work has found a home in London, where you have built your professional career and established a strong connection with your audience. Your paintings reflect a human touch and evoke an emotional response, demonstrating your ability to connect with others on a profound level.

Portrait of Lady Colin-Campbell

Through it all, you have remained true to your artistic vision. Your work has been shaped by curiosity, exploration, and a deep belief in yourself. You encourage others to embrace their own passions and find their creative mission in life.

As you continue to create and inspire, may your journey be filled with love, support, and continued success. Keep nurturing your inner child and exploring the depths of your artistic potential. Your passion and dedication shine through in every stroke of your brush.

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