Digital artist Yusuke Akamatsu exhibits at Biennale del Arte with his NFT

For the first time in his career, the digital artist Yusuke Akamatsu, Japanese born and resident in Paris, was chosen by Biennale del Arte to exhibit his NFT art with a stylish event organised on the 1st September in Venice in the Pavilion Granada.

By Emily Thompson.

Title image: Cosimo De Medici (partner
Yusuke Akamatsu digital artist and
Elisa Caterina Egger curator

The Curator was Elisa Caterina Egger, a graduate in art from Italy and currently living in London studying business of art at Sotheby’s. She is the youngest curator of the this current edition Biennale del Arte 2022 Venice, a worldwide and well known art exhibition.

Yusuke Akamatsu gave a speech together with his curators about his NFT projects introducing ‘RAINY NIGHT.’

‘Throughout history, artists have always been able to tell the present and glimpse the future, knowing how to denounce the discomfort, negativity and violence of societies. This is confirmed, for example, by the work of artists such as Otto Dix and George Grosz. And even in the current climate, speed and fluidity in which nothing, not even values, seem to matter and everything appears inescapable, art continues to play its role as an alarm bell for human civilization. Yusuke Akamatsu’s artistic action also moves in this direction.’

Moment of vernissage in a gallery of Biennale

‘The superimposition of two indefinite faces that can be seen emerging, barely illuminated, from the darkness of the night and wet by stripping drops of rain, which Akamatsu represented in the work “Rainy night” (taken from the series “First Human or the Last Human”) are to be understood as a metaphor of human precariousness, ready to be swallowed up by darkness.’

Mr Ben Keegan art dealer, Elisa Egger curator proudly introducing the event partner Reguta wines, and Yusuke Akamatsu artist.

The artist, through experimentation offers us not only a social investigation into man’s illness and his distortions but also puts us at a crossroads to decide which direction we should take.

Exhibition will be until 15 September 2022 in Pavilion Granada
The Yusuke’s NFT art is available on Market place for galleries

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