A Spectacular Showcase of International Designers at Paris Westin Vendôme

Paris, France – March 2nd, 2024 – Fashion Week Studio proudly hosted an exceptional lineup of renowned designers at the historical Paris Westin Vendôme on Thursday, February 29th and Friday March 1st, 2024. The event featured several captivating shows. 

The first show commenced with the dynamic designs of Perry Jones, a celebrated fashion designer and stylist renowned for his commitment to self-love and empowerment through fashion. His collections, featured on red carpets and fashion weeks globally, embodied a unique blend of modern style and classic techniques. 


Following Perry Jones, By Vel captivated audiences with boundary-pushing designs and emphasis on individuality. With oversized dresses and intricate handwork, By Vel invited attendees to step into a world where every piece told a story of bravery and self-expression. 

Vel Yurchenko
Vel Yurchenko

Concluding the first show, Maison Celestino & Animah Jewelry took center stage, presenting a collaboration steeped in heritage and luxury. Maison Celestino’s rich history in Italian high fashion seamlessly intertwined with Animah Jewelry’s international acclaim, resulting in a collection that exuded elegance and sophistication. 


As the evening unfolded, the runway came alive with the enchanting creations of Iness Collections, led by visionary designer Ines Zouari. Her haute couture label, known for its contemporary glamour and exquisite craftsmanship, mesmerized audiences with sophisticated silhouettes and intricate details. 


Tracy Studio followed suit, offering a seamless fusion of Western sophistication and Eastern mystique. With its “Contemporary Classic” style, Tracy Studio captivated with designs that epitomized elegance and femininity, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and the allure of tradition. 


Next up was Lune de Soie, showcasing its FW2024 collection, “The Radiant Aurora.” Rooted in Parisian couture, Lune de Soie mesmerized with designs that evoked the ethereal beauty of dawn, capturing the essence of femininity and luxury with every stitch. 


I.H.F Atelier took the spotlight with its sophisticated and vibrant designs, reflecting a harmonious blend of global culture and contemporary fashion trends. With a commitment to elegance and sustainability, I.H.F Atelier invited attendees to embrace their unique identity with confidence and style. 


Closing the evening was Lorena Cordero, an artist, photographer, and fashion designer whose creations transcended the boundaries of art and fashion. With her visionary approach, Lorena Cordero invited attendees to embark on a journey of self-discovery through her daring and infinitely captivating designs. 


The second show day on the 1st of March, was a mesmerizing showcase of haute couture with renowned designers from around the world presenting their latest collections. 

The enchanting designs of Elsa Fairy Dresses took attendees on a journey through elegance and charm. Known for infusing joy into every creation, Elsa Fairy Dresses showcased a range of luxurious attire, from Kids Couture collections to First Communion ensembles, embodying the essence of dressing in happiness.


Mariana Shehadi’s journey into the world of fashion began with a relentless pursuit of creativity and innovation. Inspired by the beauty that surrounds her, Shehadi’s designs effortlessly blend tradition with modernity, offering a glimpse into a world where every garment tells a story of timeless elegance. 


Embarking on a mission to create exquisite jewelry pieces, Tara Gems Galore captured hearts with its elegant craftsmanship and attention to detail. Rooted in a vision of sophistication, the brand’s creations have graced prestigious events, spreading joy and elegance wherever they go. 


From the bustling streets of Tirana to the global stage, Frida Xhoi Xhei has redefined bridal couture with its unique blend of tradition and modernity. With a passion for creating designs that reflect individuality and style, Frida Xhoi Xhei’s collections have become synonymous with elegance and grace. 

By Vel’s creations are a testament to the brand’s commitment to breaking boundaries and embracing individuality. With a focus on unique accessories and oversized silhouettes, By Vel’s designs invite wearers to express themselves freely, while remaining true to their own unique style. 

Carina Shkuró’s journey from budding artist to renowned fashion designer is a testament to perseverance and creativity. Bridging the worlds of art and fashion, Shkuró’s designs embody a sense of timeless elegance, transcending mere clothing to become wearable works of art. 

Carina Shkuro

Founded on a vision of empowering women through fashion, Unikko by Greta offers a range of elegant attire designed to make every woman feel confident and beautiful. With a commitment to celebrating individuality, Unikko by Greta’s collections have captivated audiences around the world. 


Dedicated to crafting exquisite evening and wedding gowns, Iann Dey has established itself as a leading fashion house, renowned for its elegant and sophisticated designs. With a presence at prestigious events around the world, Iann Dey’s creations have adorned celebrities and influencers alike. 

Iann Dey

Hacchic Couture’s journey from humble beginnings to international acclaim is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation. With a focus on creating luxurious wedding dresses and ready-to-wear collections, Hacchic Couture has become synonymous with elegance and style. 


Syazia Atelier’s visionary approach to traditional fashion has reshaped the landscape of Malaysian couture. With a focus on celebrating Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage, Syazia Atelier’s designs seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, captivating audiences around the world. 


Shanell Harun’s designs epitomize elegance and sophistication, capturing the essence of timeless beauty. With a focus on celebrating the female form, Shanell Harun’s creations have become a symbol of empowerment and grace. 


Chidinma Obairi’s commitment to excellence and innovation has made it a beacon of luxury fashion. With a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, Chidinma Obairi’s designs reflect a commitment to craftsmanship and quality. 

Chidinma Obairi

Sol Angelann’s unique blend of elegance and sophistication has made it a favorite among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike. With a focus on creating evening gowns and festive dresses adorned with crystals, Sol Angelann’s creations are as exquisite as they are captivating. 


Alexia Ulibarri’s innovative designs and feminine aesthetic have made it a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion. With a focus on celebrating strong women and timeless elegance, Alexia Ulibarri’s creations are a testament to the power of creativity and self-expression. 

Alexia Ulibarri

Fashion luminaries and industry influencers, including Greg Yega, Chris Lavish, and TV host Michelle Pandora, graced the event, alongside esteemed press partners such as Vogue LATAM, BAZAR Spain, and Forbes France. 


The shows were a celebration of creativity, innovation, and individuality, showcasing the diverse talents of designers from around the world. From elegant evening gowns to exquisite jewelry, each collection offered a glimpse into the unique vision and style of its creator.


An immense thank you to our partners and team for this fabulous season.

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