A Magnificent Showcase of International Designers at Palazzo Visconti, Milan Fashion Week

Milan, Italy, February 23 & 24, 2024 – Milan Fashion Week witnessed an extraordinary confluence of creativity and craftsmanship as Palazzo Visconti played host to a diverse array of international designers. From luxurious haute couture to avant-garde accessories, the event was a testament to the boundless innovation and vision of the global fashion community.

The historic Palazzo Visconti, steeped in four centuries of tradition and elegance, provided the perfect backdrop for this spectacular showcase. With its five splendid rooms exuding Milanese hospitality, the venue set the stage for an unforgettable fashion extravaganza.

Our amazing Italian partners, Jeidì Events, these strong and gorgeous gung-ho women, Rita, Silvia, and Janet know how to make magic, and have shown, once again, during Fashion Week their professionalism and aesthetics. 

The afternoon session commenced with a stunning display of talent, featuring:

Blending Indian heritage with modern craftsmanship, Sheetol Chawla and Melissa Tyson captivated the audience with their fusion of haute couture and goldsmith jewelry. Chawla’s designs, inspired by the Greek Goddess of dawn, Eos, embodied a sense of renewal and radiance, while Tyson’s exquisite jewelry pieces added a touch of timeless elegance.


Mexican design project Azul Cielito, alongside Dante footwear and Lucky O’s jewelry, brought a vibrant blend of comfort and fashion to the runway. Inspired by life, nature, and self-love, their pieces stood out for their unique aesthetic and commitment to promoting a peaceful, uncluttered lifestyle.


As the evening descended, the fashion fervor continued with:

Saúl Alberto Tello Chami’s Narciza Severa brand showcased glamorous evening dresses, complemented by the intricate designs of Animah Jewelry. With a contemporary style and handcrafted details, their collections epitomized elegance and sophistication.

Dr. Priyal Doshi, a dynamic figure in the fashion world, unveiled her couture collection, embodying innovation and empowerment. With a blend of cultural fusion and modern sensibilities, Doshi’s designs captivated the audience and garnered global recognition.


Returning to the runway, Sheetol Chawla and Melissa Tyson once again mesmerized the audience with their exquisite craftsmanship and artistic vision, reaffirming their status as trailblazers in the fashion industry.

On Saturday, February 24th, 2024 the fashion extravaganza concluded on a high note with:

By Vel transported the audience into a world of imagination and freedom with their unique accessories and oversized dresses. Their collection, inspired by the spirit of a fearless little girl, celebrated individuality and self-expression.


Arni Fashion paid homage to the rich cultural heritage of South Asia, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern silhouettes. Their collection showcased exquisite beadwork and sparkling gemstones, capturing the essence of elegance and flair.


Mila Hoffman’s designs radiated beauty and creativity, drawing inspiration from the world around her. With vibrant colors and bold patterns, her collection brought a burst of energy and excitement to the runway, leaving a lasting impression on fashion enthusiasts.


From the intricate beadwork of Arni Fashion to the ethereal silhouettes of Mila Hoffman, each designer brought a unique perspective and vision to the runway, embodying the spirit of creativity, inclusivity, and innovation. 


As the curtains drew to a close, Milan Fashion Week at Palazzo Visconti proved once again to be a celebration of artistry and imagination, leaving fashion enthusiasts inspired and eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the world of haute couture.


The event also saw the participation of influential models such as Prissy Gomes, Mallory Caballero, Zulema Vazquez Rey, and Kary Ramos, adding to the glamor and allure of Milan Fashion Week. Among the esteemed press in attendance were Hearst Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Elle Magazine, and SS Magazine, among others, highlighting the global significance of this prestigious fashion event.

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An immense thank you to our partners and team for this fabulous season.

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