Paris Fashion Week, could it be more glamorous?

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With Corinna Nebgen von Klitzing

We are in the fashion month and in Paris. Could it be more glamorous? Fashion and luxury insider and founder of Deluxe Dynasty, Corinna Nebgen von Klitzing is asking. She recently visited Paris, this amazing city, during the exciting fashion week. Corinna is a frequent traveller to the most amazing destinations in the world and her heart beats with fashion, luxury and lifestyle. Corinna collaborates with several of the best fashion brands based in the city of fashion, Paris. Moreover, she has lived and studied in Paris and has obtained a broad network, and during these days she extended later through her contacts in the fashion and luxury industry. She adores the beauty, heritage, and fashion-sense of Paris and its people. 

Corinna Nebgen von Klitzing

For Corinna Paris Fashion week is one of the best fashion weeks in the world, “I’ve got the feeling that during these most glamorous, fashionable days of the year, Paris sparkles even a bit more” Corinna says.

Every year Paris Fashion week forms a global audience of people who all share the same passion for art and fashion, and the atmosphere is very special and unique.

The fashion brands were presenting the fall 2023 ready-to-wear collections in their shows. For many big houses the focus was on looking to the future by paying tribute to the past. Honouring the house’s heritage was very much à la mode at George Hobeika, where the house’s iconic silhouettes and precious materials were presented, a well-blended fusion of savoir-faire and the celebration of a contemporary woman.

Speaking of extraordinary unique materials, the Paris based brand Jitrois, well known for its extremely soft and smooth stretch leather with its exclusive designs should be put in focus. Corinna had the honour to attend the Jitrois event and wearing their latest creations. She loved the softness of the leather designs and luxurious feeling. The brand is creating special designs which are representing the strength of a modern woman, and never conform.

Most brands held their shows at artistic, unique, and historic venues to match the elegance of their designs. Corinna had several shoots for the brands she collaborates with and the street style photographers took their chance to take some pictures while Corinna was heading from one event to another.

Many back-to-back shows and events took place in different parts of Paris. This is why Corinna had all her Paris outfits pre-planned, so she could smooth in and fit with an elevated style according to the different styles of the brands. And of course, Corinna is always wearing the brands she is visiting during their shows, events and presentations.

Corinna is known for wearing special luxurious fashion pieces and her favourite shoe designer to pair with high-end fashion is Amina Muaddi. Corinna loves her heels together with fine jewellery matching the exclusivity of the fashion events and the style and class of Paris.

“Besides all the events, Paris was a piece of art itself, and I’m very glad I was there.” Corinna says. The city represents art like no other and its own beautiful natural landscape and historical monuments are incomparable and full of beauty. This combination is what leads to the special vibes and atmosphere.

The next amazing fashion week events are already in the planning and Corinna will return to beautiful Paris with its glamour, its fantastic personalities and sense of fashion very soon.
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