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How Carolien ter Linden took a deam and made her own TV show

I feel very honoured that James W Phillips has asked me to contribute to this issue of Relentless and very proud that Relentless Magazine is media partner of my new TV show ‘Wishing on a Star‘ which can be seen in the Netherlands on RTL4 & for a year on Videoland.

In this issue I would like to introduce you to the female and male winners of this popular TV show. You can also read the interview with the winners Melissa Baas and Thijn Flesch in the following pages. 

I look back with pride at my own first TV production that I was able to make for RTL4 and I did this with great passion and a lot of hard work. I am proud to announce to Relentless readers that I have some really great news, because the series will not only be repeated until December 31st this year, but RTL4 will also repeat the entire series again from January 1, 2023!

I am hugely grateful for the cooperation with my partners who have trusted me and still do, because I can also tell you that there will be a new season of Wishing on a Star‘ in 2023.

In the series I scout together with a team of established models and a professional jury which determines whether they will progress throughout the day of auditions.

The jury includes well-known fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker, real estate agent Lyanne Metz, Set Moosavi owner of Perfect Eyelash and Celebrity hairstylist Maurice Pierôt owner of Pierôt Coiffures.

10 candidates will accompany me to various locations in the Netherlands, and also internationally. For example, they must carry out various assignments in tandem, a girl and a boy, such as photo shoots, catwalk bride shows, appraise houses, promote companies as ambassadors, act, dance, and mimic. So, to get into the finals you need more than just looking good, you also need a good personality and business skills.

I had the honour of interviewing artist TJ Jackson (nephew of the Legendary king of pop Michael Jackson). TJ Jackson had a cool music assignment for our contest-ants. Another highlight was that I was allowed to fly to Curacao with my crew and 2 candidates Melissa and Dani.

Melissa and Dani were chosen by Katja from Healthstudio Pietermaai in Curacao. Our candidates were given a challenge to make a promotional video in 30 seconds that focused on health. In Curacao during this week, we were involved with sports at the Healthstudio and had great photo shoots, we sailed to Klein Curacao, conducted interviews at the two most famous radio stations ‘Paradise FM‘ and Dolfijn FM‘. We were also invited to the theatre show of well-known artist Jandino Asparaat and afterwards I also had the honour to interview him.

Thanks to our tour operator Corendon I was allowed to take fifteen people (crew and finalists) to Egypt, where we stayed in the luxurious Sunrise Tucana Resort.

Corendon also organized two wonderful interesting excursions for us, including one day to LUXOR where we visited the two impressive Karnak and Amon temples and had lunch on a cruise on the river Nile. It was a day to remember, how special to see how the temples are still intact and their impressive history.

For the other excursion we went by boat to Gifton Island, known for its clear blue water and pearly white beaches. On this island, our 4 finalists were also commissioned by our four jury members to shoot various fashion brands.

The last assignment during the final was that our finalists had to present themselves in a video clip of a new single ‘Money on my mind‘ sung by artist Lloyd de Meza. The final evening took place on the rooftop of the Royal Club of the resort in Egypt. A beautiful catwalk was built, a stage, a big screen and DJ booth with fireworks for the after party!

A big success for all the team. A week to remember. I had never been to Egypt, and the memories will last a lifetime. 

I look back with great pleasure on this production, we worked very hard for eight months and I am very proud of the result. I can‘t wait to start the 2nd season of ‘Wishing on a Star‘ on RTL4 in the spring.

Meanwhile, this month I am very busy with the preparations for one of the largest fairs in Europe, namely the Masters Expo in Amsterdam. Previously this fair was always called the Millionaire Fair, but in recent years they have changed the name. More than 400 entrepreneurs will be there for 5 days to do business and I am proud to represent fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker‘s stand as Ambassador of fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker and I will manage the presentation of the fashion shows during the VIP Day with the models of my model agency Passarella Fashion.

I would like to thank you all for reading my article and wish you all happy holidays with your friends and family.

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